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The World Peace Stupa Project Gelephu – Bhutan

H.E. Dzogchen Polokhen Rinpoche

A Stupa for World Peace, which will be 43 meters high, is currently under construction in Gelephu, Bhutan.  According to the prophecy of H.E. Polokhen Rinpoche, (an emanation of Phenchen Vimalamitra), the building of a Düdül Stupa (Stupa for taming the Maras) in Gelephu, would be of great benefit for world peace and for the preservation of Buddhist teaching.  Following this prophecy, Lama Tshewang Dorje, recognizing the impermanence of all phenomena, gave up all his personal wealth and initiated the construction of this stupa for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The World Peace Stupa project also includes the building, on the same site of a school, a library, a guest house and an old people’s home.

In this way,  people of all ages and countries will be able to enjoy a beautiful and inspiring environment so as to cultivate inner peace. This stupa is designed to last for at least 1000 years.

It will provide a base for spiritual growth and world peace for many generations to come.  The Department of Culture and Religious Affairs of Bhutan, considering the importance of H.E Polokhen Rinpoche’s prophecy, has offered the land in Gelephu. In a statement dated 16 December 2009, has officially approved the project of the construction of the Bhutan World Peace Stupa.

stupa_kilayaHD_modifié-2In order to help the project, the Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs has coordinated a survey of the project and established the budget and work sequence in five steps. The first and most important step is the construction of the World Peace Stupa itself, which includes on internal temple.

The construction of Stupa has already cost 420,000 € with the foundations having been laid and the first stage constructed. At the moment, 1,2 million Euros is still needed for the main Stupa.

Everyone’s creativity and generosity is requested to help for the swift accomplishment of this great project.  If you wish to have more information about the project, see the detailed estimation of expenses or pictures of the progresses in the work, Click here

“To build a stupa containing my relics provides the same benefits as inviting me in this world.” Buddha Sakyamuni  

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